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Musical composition is not the most important thing for me. I indeed consider music the most poetic and powerful way of Communications between human beings, thus my fascination and dedication to one of its angles; however, my family and friends' affection or development of human relations occupy a higher place on my scale of values than any act of sound creation. Browsing over this web page will provide you information about my compositive work, encourage you to set up a communication link, or both. It's your choice.



I was born in 1971 in Balmaseda, a small town near Bilbao, so I was a child of the seventies and a teen of the eighties in a very tumultuous Basque Country. Those were, however, happy years thanks to my parents who taught me promptly to love the traditions of my homeland -language, folklore and customs- and to respect, value and enjoy those from other places.

Once the decision to study music seriously was taken, I can say I learnt from my first teacher, Ana Suárez, the rigor and dicipline of study; from my piano professor at Music Conservatory of Bilbao, Ana Aranguren, to stand as a musician before the world and to make the most of my limitations; from Julio Lanuza, composer and conductor, to unravel and grasp the smallest harmonic and formal sigh in a composition, and finally, from bassoonist Malcom Wright, I learnt to feel the music in my heart and project it out through my own screen. I

also owe him my first performance of a live musician, Arnold Cooke, the source -together with Shostakovich's Sonata for Violan and Piano- of my interest in contemporary creation.

In the meantime, I also graduated from Deusto University in Bilbao with a M.A. in History of Spain and the Basque Country, and, thanks to the "Jean Monet" Chair, studied Contemporary History of Europe for one year. A few years later I published the book "Crónicas de un oyente" (Chronicles of a listener), CELYA Ed., 2010.

In 1996 I started to work as music teacher in a public high school and in 1998 I became an official at the Spanish Education Administration. Since 2009 I work at the Educational Innovation and Training Center (CFIE) in Miranda de Ebro managing training for public secondary teachers in Northern Burgos.

José Manuel López López, Beat Furrer, Isabel Mundry, César Camarero, Toshio Hosokawa, Horacio Vaggione, Laurent Feneyrou and Vincenzo Restagno are some of the composers and musicologists with whom I have briefly being in contact but who still have left a deep mark on me.

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